If you’re looking for new bedroom lighting, then it’s good to have a showroom that you can visit to see all kinds of options. It’s also good to have an experienced staff such as the one at The Light Center in Fort Collins to answer all of your questions about trends, styles, and installation. When you need new bedside lamps, a new ceiling fan, or other light fixtures for your bedroom, our team is here to help however they can. With our knowledge and the vast selection in our showroom, we can provide you amazing options that we know you’ll love. Read through the posts below for inspiration, and please contact us right away with any questions!

  1. Four Trendy Chandeliers to Try in Your Home 

    As home decor evolves and shifts worldwide, it’s common for popular trends to lead the industry. While many designers and decorators will stick with tried-and-true classics, some prefer to venture out and push the boundaries in small and big spaces. One of the best places to begin is with the chan…Read More

  2. farmhouse style guide home lighting

    How to Embrace Farmhouse Style with Your Home Lighting

    We have good news: the farmhouse style is here to stay.  It’s been several years since the Joanna Gaines’ of the world suddenly appeared and took the world by shiplap-storm, and at first many of us wondered if this was simply a fad that would fade out as quickly as it came. But, the farmhouse-c…Read More

  3. healthy home lighting

    6 Tips for Healthy Home Lighting

    We all strive to create a comfortable, happy, and relaxing home. From finding the right paint colors to choosing the best furniture, we spend hours carefully crafting our perfect living space to ensure our health and well-being are satisfied. However, an often-overlooked factor for our health and we…Read More

  4. fort collins bedroom lamps

    Choosing New Bedroom Lamps

    You use your bedroom lamps nearly every single day, whether it’s for reading before bed, relaxing on weekend mornings, or keeping the lights low while you unwind at the end of a long day. At The Light Center in Fort Collins, we know how important your bedroom lamps are, and if you’re thinking ab…Read More