Working from home can offer many benefits, but in order to enjoy the time spent in your home office, it’s important to have the proper lighting. At The Light Center in Fort Collins, we can help you find new desk lamps, wall lights, and other fixtures for your home workspace, making it both comfortable and functional. Even if you only use the office a few hours a week, you’ll be glad to have lighting that helps with whatever task it is that you’re doing. Read through the blog posts below to learn more about office lighting trends, and let us know if you have any questions!

  1. Fort Collins home office design

    Lighting & Design Tips for Your Home Office or Classroom

    We know an incredible amount of people have switched their office and classroom set-ups to be housed inside their homes. Dressers, bedroom corners, and kitchen tables are now multi-purpose. While we believe a well-established workspace can lead to higher levels of productivity, we have to share some…Read More

  2. healthy home lighting

    6 Tips for Healthy Home Lighting

    We all strive to create a comfortable, happy, and relaxing home. From finding the right paint colors to choosing the best furniture, we spend hours carefully crafting our perfect living space to ensure our health and well-being are satisfied. However, an often-overlooked factor for our health and we…Read More