Your home’s outdoor lighting is a major part of your property’s curb appeal, and it also helps keep your house safe after the sun has set. At The Light Center in Fort Collins, we carry the latest trends in outdoor lights, including front porch fixtures, pathway lights, and more. If you’re thinking about updating your exterior lighting, or you want to highlight certain aspects of your landscaping, then visit our showroom today. The blog posts below contain helpful tips and ideas on how you can get started, and when you’re ready to find new lights, we hope you’ll choose us!

  1. fort collins dark sky compliant lighting

    Updating Your Exterior Lighting to be Dark Sky-Compliant

    Have you ever gone camping out in the wilderness, looked up at the night sky, and been totally in awe of how bright and magnificent the stars are? Or on the flip side, have you ever been in a big city and noticed that the same night sky seems to have no stars at all? The reason for these two scenari…Read More

  2. farmhouse style guide home lighting

    How to Embrace Farmhouse Style with Your Home Lighting

    We have good news: the farmhouse style is here to stay.  It’s been several years since the Joanna Gaines’ of the world suddenly appeared and took the world by shiplap-storm, and at first many of us wondered if this was simply a fad that would fade out as quickly as it came. But, the farmhouse-c…Read More

  3. healthy home lighting

    6 Tips for Healthy Home Lighting

    We all strive to create a comfortable, happy, and relaxing home. From finding the right paint colors to choosing the best furniture, we spend hours carefully crafting our perfect living space to ensure our health and well-being are satisfied. However, an often-overlooked factor for our health and we…Read More

  4. outdoor lighting style guide

    Outdoor Lighting Style Guide

    It’s no secret that we all spend mass amounts of time planning, designing, and decorating the interiors of our homes; but what about your home’s exterior? Creating a comfortable, inviting, and functional atmosphere in your home’s outdoor spaces is simpler than it may seem and can be accomplish…Read More