Extensive research shows that indoor lighting can mimic the sun to help our body clocks. Our circadian rhythms can be helped or hindered by lighting at various times of the day. Ask us about lighting for offices, homes, senior citizens and Alzheimer’s patients.

We have studied the science of lighting for health and understand the best ways to help with lighting to help your circadian rhythms for improved sleep and daytime focus. We can scientifically measure with high-quality devices the exact spectrum and effect in any environment. We can consult directly to find solutions for lighting that makes a difference. Additionally, we have resources for red light therapy and healing aspects of red light.

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Expert lighting solutions today include considering lighting for wellness.

In September of 2019, we began a case study with Institute for Built Environment at Colorado State University with United Way to see how a specific lighting technology improves the health and wellbeing of office occupants, compared to T12 and LED lighting. We were exploring the difference between offices with windows and no windows. The case study is on pause but we have plans to not only continue the great work of implementing lighting for wellness but take it a step further with UV Sterilization.

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