First and foremost, Happy New Year! Though we already find ourselves wondering what happened to January, we can’t help but marvel at all that 2020 has already brought with it. It has been a long-time dream of ours to branch into home decor and interior design and this year we are proud to say that the kick-off to this wonderful integration has begun!

This month we brought on our first Design and Merchandising Specialist, Jessica Verderame, she brings a diverse background of interior design and customer service. She will be using her expertise to redesign the showroom periodically throughout the year as well as help us to launch a new brand, called the Salt Market.


Why Salt?

Salt has played a pivotal role throughout the history of mankind and civilization. Most civilizations were developed next to a salt source, salt was even a type of currency at certain points in history. In the ancient world, there were numerous wars over salt; countries that controlled the salt roads traditionally held most power. Today this seemingly simple ingredient that is often found on every dining table or spice cabinet,